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Representing Social Security Disability claims throughout Texas


Navigate the Maze

We are experts at navigating the complex Social Security disability application and appeals processes, and can successfully guide our clients through the maze.

Specifically, we represent clients throughout Texas who are applying for Title II Disability Insurance Benefits and/or Title XVI Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

Find a Trusted Partner

Unlike large, impersonal firms where clients can become case numbers, Disability Associates treats people like... people.  We understand the challenges and frustrations our clients face.  

We follow a professional and personal approach with our clients.  We are more than just representatives, we are your trusted partner throughout the process.  And we never get paid unless you win.

What We Do

Prepare and represent clients during formal hearings.

Direct clients on how to apply and navigate the disability/SSI process.

Review sources used for the initial decision and request additional medical records needed as supporting evidence.

Request on-the-record decisions when appropriate.

Ensure all appeal deadlines are met.

Follow up to confirm that all medical evidence is properly entered into the SSA client record.

Keys to a Favorable Decision

Excellent Medical Records documenting medical condition & disabling limitations.

Claimant Compliance in meeting deadlines and satisfying requests for information, consultative exams, etc.

Preparation of representative and claimant prior to Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearing.  The largest % of favorable decisions are reached during the hearing stage.

Professional Representation during the ALJ hearing phase.

Call Today for a Free Consultation!  (254) 947-1039